Benefits of professional industrial equipment relocation services

With 35 years of industry experience, here at FESS, we know all there is to know about heavy machinery relocation.

So in this blog, our team thought they’d share some of their expertise on this topic, to give you a better understanding of the benefits of professional industrial equipment relocation.

What is industrial equipment relocation?

Industrial equipment relocation is simply the moving of heavy factory machinery from one location to another. That location could be some distance away, or it could be within the same factory setting (so required due to the re-configuring of a new layout).
It could be a short-term move to coincide with a seasonal increase in production or a permanent move.

The move might be required for additional space, for your product to be closer to its target market or to benefit from the attractions of a new environment.
As you can imagine, disassembling industrial equipment, safely moving and transporting it, and then reassembling it in a new location is a pretty hefty undertaking!

Which is where a specialist in heavy machinery relocation, like FESS, can support your business with every aspect of the move.

The benefits of using an expert for relocation

If you’ve decided on relocating your factory equipment, then you’ve no doubt come to that decision via a considerable thought process and cost/benefit/analysis. It is therefore prudent to think of the most cost effective way to move your heavy machinery – and that’s where an expert in relocation like FESS is worth their weight in gold. Here’s why:

Time – because of their experience in industrial equipment relocation, specialist factory machinery movers like FESS will save you valuable time. They’ll be able to put together a timetable with you for when the move should start, how long disassembly and reassembly will take, and the journey time to your new factory. FESS can also time the move when it best suits you and the needs of your business.

Disruption – FESS can minimize disruption to your business, handling the entire moving process from start to finish while you and your team concentrate on your areas of specialism.

Specialist Equipment – needless to say, moving machinery which is large, heavy and expensive requires specialist equipment. Choosing a professional industrial machinery relocation firm like FESS ensures all this equipment is on hand to deliver the machinery to its new home safely and securely.

Safety – moving heavy machinery from one location to another necessitates a professional industry moving service like that offered by FESS who work within strict legal requirements. Our team is highly trained in the safety side of this service, whatever the size of the machinery, and wherever its final destination. Their skill means the machinery can be moved without putting at risk them, your team, the public or the machinery itself.

Expertise and Experience – we’ve done this before! That means we can give you realistic timescales on how long projects will take, make you aware of any potential issues, keep your heavy machinery relocation to budget and keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Insurance – as you would expect from a business that has been going as long as we have, we boast all the required insurances and accreditations to deliver your large machinery to its new location.

What to consider when researching industrial equipment relocation

Take some time to research the kind of industrial equipment relocation service you will require. This is something we can certainly help with before you decide what is best for the needs of your business.

There are of course a number of variables which will affect the service you need: the size of the machinery; the inventory of equipment; and of course the type of equipment.

How industrial equipment is relocated

When you choose to relocate your heavy factory machinery, your relocation service provider will talk you through how your industrial equipment will be relocated, including a timeline for the relocation and how long the shutdown of the factory will be.

Your project planner will decide what will be required to disassemble and package the machinery and what transport will be needed to move it. They’ll then look at the logistics; so access for large vehicles, how the vehicle(s) will move through specific areas; and how many escort vehicles will be required.

Once at their new location, your specialist industrial equipment relocation service will reassemble the machinery and test it.

How FESS can support with industrial equipment relocation

Take a look at our case studies for recent examples of industrial equipment relocation. As you will see, whatever the challenges are, we have the solution to “professionally and methodically” support your factory relocation.

Why choose FESS for factory and machinery relocation?

Working with us you’ll have the assurance of a relocation service that is compliant, insured and with health and safety at the fore.
Our process for relocation of heavy machinery is efficient, working to timescales and to budget.

Because of our experience, we can minimise the amount of time your factory setting is out of action, supporting you to get back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.
We’re also sticklers for attention to detail, so you can rest assured we’ll take the utmost care with your valuable machinery and deliver it to its new home in the condition it left its previous.

As well as the support you’ll get from start to finish, we make contingency plans and backups so should the unforeseeable happen your business’s equipment is in safe hands.

Get in touch to book a free site survey or pick our team’s brains on how we can support your business with industrial equipment relocation and more.

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