Utilities and Sustainability

Reducing your business’ carbon footprint has a significant environmental impact and return on investment. We work alongside food manufactures to advise on processes, provide alternative, sustainable solutions to problems, and help gain appropriate accreditations.


Your utilities are your life support systems in any manufacturing business.

It’s important to have the correct ones in place for any project to be completed successfully. Whether it is steam, air, refrigeration, water or electricity, all must work in synergy for efficient processes.

We provide effective advice and total asset integration throughout all aspects of utility engineering. Whether it be the optimisation of existing systems for greater performance and product quality, or for conformity and lowest cost running and efficiency. We ensure all your utilities work in synergy and to their full capacity to achieve your project goals.

Industries we can help with

Food And Drink

Food processing plant design consultants can help you improve your plant’s energy efficiency, increase your rate of production, reduce lead times, and achieve 100 percent food safety compliance. However, they are also essential when you want to expand your operations.

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Pet Food

Setting up a pet food production line is similar to a human food production line. However, as you might expect, there are some differences.

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Pharmaceutical engineering and plant design consultants help you expand pharmaceutical production lines in factories more efficiently and effectively. Their work includes regulatory compliance, validation, and implementing logistics services for maintenance and systems management. Most consultants assist firms from the initial concept stage onwards, guiding them through every step of the plan.

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Using an outside consultant for your petrochemical engineering projects can help you to maintain safety, efficiency and productivity like never before, all while minimising your spend and controlling your budget for your petrochemical plant construction.

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Environmental Solutions

Working with our experienced and qualified networks, we have personally delivered a number of sustainable, environmental solutions that reduce the carbon footprint, achieve sustainability objectives and improve factory energy efficiencies.
Areas in which we have provided solutions include:

  • Dewatering – Centrifuge & press / auger systems
  • Odour abatement systems
  • Water control and reduction implementation
  • MDD reduction
  • Energy reduction
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