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We provide installation and decommissioning services for food manufactures across the UK. From single item installation or removal to full production unit or factory relocation and machinery relocation services. Our dedicated team has experience across the food sector in process plant installation, decommissioning, and factory relocation.

Our approach to lift and shift services

Fess Group has a team of highly trained removal engineers with specialist knowledge of machinery and processes used within specific industries. Whatever the size of the project or organisation, we undertake a full review of your site and the assets to develop an in-depth plan and proposal before commencing any work. This will include a full risk assessment covering any potential hazards or problems.

We offer fully insured, health and safety-compliant factory and machinery relocation services to give you complete reassurance and peace of mind that our team will work efficiently and safely. This will help to keep production downtime to a minimum, and ensure you have on hand advice and support from our experts to meet your machinery requirements.


Lift and shift works we provide

Whether you are moving premises, re-configuring layouts, or require additional machinery and equipment for promotional or seasonal increases in production, FESS can help with:

  • New installations.
  • Hire of Plant Equipment
  • Specialist lifting equipment and services including crane lifting and placement.
  • Removal of hazardous materials
  • Heavy machinery relocation
  • industrial machinery relocation
  • Industrial equipment relocation

We offer fully insured, health and safety-compliant services to give you complete reassurance and peace of mind that our lift and shift company will work efficiently and safely. To ensure production downtime is kept to a minimum, and on hand to advise and support tour machinery requirements.

The team is also experts in conveyor design and installation, alongside metal detection and inspection systems. we have the experience and the knowledge to undertake projects of any size and we can provide a reliable and cost-effective machinery movement service for any relocation projects including industrial machinery removals.

For further details on how we can support the installation, decommissioning or machinery moving of assets at your food factory, please do get in touch.

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What is lift and shift services used for? 

One of the most common reasons businesses require lift and shift services is because they are moving to a new factory. This is a large scale and complex job that can benefit from our specific expertise and insight into safely transporting high value and fragile machinery.

Our team of specialists at FESS Groups can also assist with removing and replacing old heavy equipment with new replacements. It might sound like a simple task but depending on the size and complexity of the machine that needs to be moved, it can be challenging. By using FESS, you can make sure your machinery is moved as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible.

In addition, we can advise on factory plant reconfiguration, there’s no better time to make sure that your factory is laid out properly with the space being used optimally than when you’re removing old machinery or installing new ones.

Upscaling or downscaling is another common reason why businesses need lift and shift support. Whether you’re transitioning to a larger factory or a smaller site it’s important to have your essential machinery transported and set up safely and accurately, or you could end up storing old items that you no longer need to use.

Alternatively, without a proper plan or inventory in place you might need to purchase new equipment if you don’t have all the machinery you require to fill a larger space and you want to start growing your operations.

No matter the reason you need a machinery relocation project, our team are here to support you. We will offer our professional expertise and advice on the best course of action and execute the service smoothly.

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Why use professional industrial machinery relocation services?

When you need to implement new machinery into your factory or move your equipment from one site to another, it can be tempting to carry out the work yourself internally. However, if you don’t have the required resources, experience, knowledge, and skills in place it’s easy for something to go wrong. There are several essential steps and planning that goes into industrial equipment relocation, which can be time consuming for a business, especially if they don’t have the staff required at every stage to oversee the safe transportation of the machinery.

Our team has extensive experience in planning and carrying out large relocation projects, meaning we understand the importance and care that needs to be taken. Your equipment is vital to your production processes, your business would be unable to operate without it, which is not something we take lightly.

When you trust us with your lift and shift needs, you can feel confident that your equipment will be moved safely and efficiently. Also, your time can be freed up to focus on other important parts of your relocation.

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Industries we can help with

Food And Drink

Food processing plant design consultants can help you improve your plant’s energy efficiency, increase your rate of production, reduce lead times, and achieve 100 percent food safety compliance. However, they are also essential when you want to expand your operations.

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Pet Food

Setting up a pet food production line is similar to a human food production line. However, as you might expect, there are some differences.

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Pharmaceutical engineering and plant design consultants help you expand pharmaceutical production lines in factories more efficiently and effectively. Their work includes regulatory compliance, validation, and implementing logistics services for maintenance and systems management. Most consultants assist firms from the initial concept stage onwards, guiding them through every step of the plan.

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Using an outside consultant for your petrochemical engineering projects can help you to maintain safety, efficiency and productivity like never before, all while minimising your spend and controlling your budget for your petrochemical plant construction.

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