2021: Year in Review

This year has been another landmark year for the food industry and the team here at FESS! Here’s our review of 2021 including some of our highlights, industry developments and plans for 2022!

The challenges and changes

With Covid being very much part of our lives, it has impacted us all with the knock-on effects on the way we work, how consumers behave, supply chains and priorities.

Despite the challenges the food industry has faced, including supply and demand issues and production and stock difficulties, we’ve continued to see companies stepping up and working incredibly hard to ensure clients and end consumers continue to have their food needs met. This has been alongside investing in services, creating sustainable solutions to help fight climate change, and contributing to local and national economies.

From a business perspective, this last year we have seen significant growth for the FESS company including welcoming new team members, acquiring new clients, developing new and existing partnerships, and expanding our service portfolio.

We’ve refreshed our website, developed our brochure, had a new addition to the FESS fleet, and enjoyed our busiest month to date.

Service demand

Our primary services to the food industry have been around two key areas: M&E engineering Services and Machinery installation, decommissioning, and maintenance.

These two areas have seen the business develop a strong reputation from across the country and in a variety of food sectors. Highlights include working on a £2.8million project installing robotic stations which involved automated end of line processes and conveyor systems for a customer in the Midlands. We were also involved in a large blue-chip company project from initial design to the fully integrated end result which involved Robotic pick and place stations and other works. Both have been brilliant projects for the team to work on and show our engineering capabilities.

With the introduction of two new specialist services including conveyor design and installation and metal detection and inspection systems, we’ve continued to work in partnership with some great organisations including SF Engineering, ISHIDA, James Mae and Reiser and Mayn to implement effective engineering solutions to improve production, efficiencies, and resources.

Going forward in 2022

2022 looks set to be another rollercoaster year for the food industry. Recruitment and supply chain issues, the potential of further lockdowns, working for home orders, and restrictions look set to impact the food sector. On top of increased costs for fuel and power and increasing requirements to reduce emissions and cut carbon footprints, there’s a mix of challenges and opportunities on the horizon.

We’re excited to grow the FESS brand further and continue our mission to be the go-to engineering services in the UK for food and drink manufacturers, recognised for our quality of work, customer service, and professionalism.

A huge thank you to those clients, colleagues, suppliers, and organisations we have had the pleasure of working with over the last year, it’s been a pleasure as always.

To find out how we can help support your food manufacturing business with our specialist engineering services, please get in touch info@fessgroup.co.uk

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