Why outsourcing factory maintenance is beneficial to your business

It might seem like doing your own factory maintenance is the right option when it comes to cutting costs, but that’s not always the case. Using a knowledgeable and experienced mechanical maintenance company means you are getting a dedicated team of experts in the industry that are well-versed in the importance of scheduled maintenance. 

This will increase workplace safety and cut expenses. Also, a programme of planned maintenance will enable you to get the most out of productivity and workflow. No matter the size of your facility or operations, there are multiple essential benefits to outsourcing your factory maintenance to specialist M&E contractors like FESS Group. 

Benefits of outsourcing factory maintenance

More and more production-based companies with facilities are outsourcing their maintenance to take advantage of the strategic benefits it offers. Below are three important reasons why businesses should consider outsourcing their factory maintenance elements. 

More flexibility in uncertain times 

Business needs are consistently changing, especially now with economic crisis resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, which is set to last at least for the foreseeable future. Also, increased hygiene demands and new rules and regulations in various legislation means support from external contractors could prove advantageous to stay on top of the evolving necessities and to save money in the long term. 

Acquiring extra in-house staff is both time-sensitive and costly when compared to outsourcing. When all these factors are weighed up, outsourcing planned preventative maintenance jobs to stay flexible in the event of any unforeseen circumstances in this unpredictable climate makes a lot of sense. 

Staying operationally efficient on a budget 

Given the challenges mentioned above that businesses are currently facing, many are understandably wanting to cut costs where they can, leaving those who are managing facilities to work on increasingly tight budgets. These restrictions make finding the balance between having an optimised production system and staying on budget very challenging. 

Quite often, in-house engineers need to be generalists, but businesses can have access to a specialised talent pool by outsourcing factory maintenance services. They can be called upon on an ad-hoc basis and you won’t have to worry about the cost of salaries. 

Reducing the administration workload 

As well as reducing costs, outsourcing factory maintenance also has the benefit of lessening how much time is spent on admin. In many cases, routine maintenance tasks come with routine admin jobs. These admin jobs can add up to a significant amount of time, and ultimately time is money. 

Outsourcing more technical tasks to specialist M&E firms on a fixed-contract basis has extra benefits too. Using outsourcers for certain projects will mean you don’t have to hire or buy the particular tools and equipment needed for the maintenance work as the company will come with everything they need. Therefore, it also eliminates the needs for extra budget to cover storage space needs for maintenance equipment. 

Should you outsource your factory maintenance? 

Every business is different, and their manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution facilities will all have their own unique requirements. The extent of the work needed will be understood best by those closest to the business who know the ins and outs of its sophisticated needs. 

However, by looking at the existing assets within a business and comparing them against the company’s actual requirements, the balance can be found between in-house maintenance and outsourcing to specialist factory consultants. When you take into account all the factors, contracting out specific maintenance tasks is a very useful option for businesses to have. 

Why choose FESS Group? 

We provide a wide range of services in a number of industries to help manufacturing companies improve their operational efficiency. Whether that is with maintenance, health and safety, M&E services, consulting, or other services, our fully certified professional team at FESS Group is on hand to assist you. Contact us today to find out more. 

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