Which businesses can benefit from M&E contractor services?

M&E (mechanical and electrical) services refers to all the systems and work involved that manage a business premises, especially factories and large facilities. The term broadly includes the installation process of mechanical and electrical systems as well as certification, servicing, and maintenance they require. There are several types of businesses that can benefit from outsourced M&E contractor services, which we will be exploring in this article.

What does mechanical and electrical services involve?

These types of services involve looking after the mechanical and electrical systems in your building. If you’re using a contractor, depending on their specialty, they can support with various systems and processes including heating and ventilation, fire alarms, telecommunication, emergency lighting, electrical equipment, and more.

At FESS Group, we offer fully bespoke services that are applied specifically to your business and building needs. Some examples of our M&E services include but aren’t limited to:

  • Welding, machining, and fabrication
  • Engineering site support
  • Installation works
  • Lighting designs and installations
  • Installation and PAT testing
  • Thermographic survey

Why do businesses need an M&E contractor?

Before we answer what types of businesses need M&E services, it’s important to address why they need them and the benefits of using a contractor. When calculating your costs for your business, it can be tempting to try and manage your mechanical and electrical needs yourself with your own internal staff. However, without the specialist knowledge and experience in the field that an engineering consultant like the FESS team has, you could end up with potential problems further down the line and spending more money on fixing mechanical and electrical issues. The main benefits of using M&E contractor services are:

Meeting regulations and standards

An experienced contractor with extensive hands-on expertise in the industry will have a detailed knowledge of various M&E systems and best practices. This means they can ensure your systems and building overall meets the necessary regulations and standards for safe, efficient, and cost-effective operation of your work processes.

The importance of having properly installed and managed mechanical and electrical systems with regular servicing and maintenance cannot be overstated. Knowledgeable experts will be able to provide the ongoing maintenance and repairs that are needed as they will have an understanding of your systems, no matter how big or complex.

Building regulations and industry standards are in place to protect businesses and workers, ensuring health and safety practices can be adhered to. For example, if there is a fire in a factory, the alarm needs to be in working order as well as emergency lights and signs to direct workers to safety.

Cost-effective for businesses

From a business perspective, it’s logical to organise a project in the most cost-effective way possible. Therefore, by using one company for all your mechanical and electrical needs not just during installation but for ongoing servicing and maintenance, you can make cost savings. This will also make the project run more efficiently as materials and labour costs can be controlled. Also, if that aspect of your business is being managed externally, it means you’re free to focus on the core elements of your business and operations without stress.

Tailored to your needs

Not all business premises are exactly alike, they will have different layouts and system requirements. So, when choosing a mechanical and electrical contractor, you will want to choose a company that can adapt to your specific requirements. This will help to ensure that your systems are installed and can operate in a way that suits your operations and processes as well as the building itself. Also, during your partnership with your contractor you’ll be able to get ongoing advice and support with your systems. At FESS we offer a 24/7 callout service to ensure our clients experience as minimal downtime as possible if they encounter a fault with their machinery or other systems.

Which businesses can benefit from M&E contractor services?

Any business that has large premises like a factory with detailed mechanical and electrical requirements can benefit from using an M&E contractor. So, whether your business is in the food and drink industry, pharmaceutical, pet food manufacturing, or anything else, if you have an industrial building with commercial and mechanical and electrical systems, you can benefit from the expertise of a contractor for installations and ongoing services.


If you’re a business looking for mechanical and electrical services, FESS can help. As an experienced mechanical maintenance company our team of experts can offer dedicated M&E services including installations, services, maintenance, and ongoing support. Contact us today to discuss your needs or book a free onsite survey with us online.

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