What’s included in lift and shift works for manufacturers?

Oftentimes, to be efficient, manufacturers need to focus on measures that yield results in the long term. Completing lift and shift works can improve almost every aspect of these business’s operations, although it can be difficult to plan and execute without a dip in productivity. In this post, we’ll be analysing what can be included in lift and shift efforts for manufacturers, the potential benefits, and how to get targeted factory support.


What is manufacturing lift and shift?

Lift and shift is a term used by industrial businesses for when an asset needs to be taken ‘offline’ and relocated. It can also refer to the replacement of tools or machinery. The scale of lift and shift work can vary massively depending on the goals of the company. It can include something small such as the installation of a single item, or a full factory relocation. In the case of the latter, additional considerations may have to be made depending on what the facility is being used for. For instance, removing the contents of a food production facility would likely require disconnecting conveyor belts and significant cleaning work.

FESS Group’s lift and shift services

At FESS, one of the services we provide is comprehensive lift and shift support for manufacturers in key industries such as food engineering and petrochemical refining. The FESS team possesses the necessary industry knowledge to complete lift and shift work while adhering to all relevant health and safety regulations. Our capabilities allow us to implement:

  • Heavy equipment relocation.
  • Industrial machinery relocation.
  • New installations.
  • Provision of lifting equipment such as cranes.
  • Removal of hazardous materials and waste.
  • Hiring of plant equipment.


Why relocate your manufacturing?

On the face of it, lift and shift services might seem like they should only be sought out when your manufacturing encounters problems. This is not the case. Relocating part or all of your manufacturing operation can have many benefits for industrial manufacturers. The reasons for outsourcing lift and shift works include:

Over time it’s natural to make improvements to your factory to accommodate new machinery or developments. However, it can reach the point where a moving to a new facility is the best decision for the business. This might be due to space requirements, energy efficiency, or to allow for new installations.

Manufacturing in certain locations can create large savings. For instance, a food and drink manufacturer that is close to their main material suppliers will be able to save on transport costs. It could also be that relocating will allow the business to access a new market, which it needs to grow.

The goal of almost every manufacturer is to expand their operation, either in terms of production capacity, product quality, technology, or all three. One of the main ways this can be achieved is through making changes that enable the business to evolve. Lift and shift support can let your business to upscale and downscale with minimal disruption.

New technologies are always emerging that can have an application in improving manufacturing processes. This means new installations and replacements can be necessary when a piece of machinery becomes outdated. In this way, lift and shift can be an effective strategy for staying ahead of the competition in your industry.

Factory relocation and consultancy specialists

When conducting lift and shift work, down time must be minimised as much as possible whilst still making sure the relevant work is completed to the appropriate standard. You can trust FESS to tick both these boxes and more. Our professional industrial machinery relocation and replacement services take care in removing your equipment and conducting installation works. Whatever lift and shift work you need, feel free to get in touch with a member of the FESS team and we’ll work to your schedule.

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