What to consider when choosing your M&E contractor

Commercial buildings including factories, warehouses and offices are becoming more complex, including the equipment and machinery installed. Making sure that these systems can be serviced, repaired and upgraded is critical for any commercial business. The food industry is no exception with automation and process control essential considerations.

When you are looking to appoint an M&E supplier it’s important to acknowledge not all contractors are the same, and doing your research may mean the difference between getting a job completed by a professional or being left with more issues than you started with.

A specialist HVAC or M&E sub-contractor contractor should be professionally trained, insured, and have certifications that comply with professional M&E procedures, in addition to other training qualifications.

How to choose the right M&E supplier?

Choosing a good contractor to refurbish an Air Handling unit or Central Air Conditioning system can be as important as the equipment you initially choose, because proper installation and maintenance is needed for the equipment to operate safely, reliably, and at maximum efficiency. Here are some suggestions for selecting a mechanical and electrical engineering specialist contractor.

  • Recommendation – word of mouth and personnel experience is always a good starting point
  • Belong to specialist trade organization – showing commitment to training and development
  • Written, fully costed proposal provided – no hidden charges
  • Obtain several quotes – the cheapest is not always the best
  • Check credentials – Do your homework and check the M&E sub-contractors Contractor’s credibility and reputation before signing an agreement.

Here at Fess Group, we take pride in our team providing a reliable, professional M&E service. In all our communications to the client, we will be polite, courteous and clear in our approach.

Our M&E food industry experience

As expert providers of mechanical engineering services and electrical engineering services in Yorkshire, we have worked on large commercial projects in the food industry, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and retail sector.

One of our recent M&E projects was for food manufacturer, The Tofoo Co. where we carried out the complete installation, containment and commissioning of a new cooking vessel that once online, will increase through put by 33%.

Our M&E engineer team, based in Yorkshire have worked on commercial mechanical and electrical projects in Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield, London, Norwich, Leicester, Wakefield, Manchester, Liverpool, Bradford, Halifax and York.

If we can support your M&E projects, please do get in touch with our Mechanical and Electrical team for a free quote.

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