What products are made from petrochemicals?

You might not think it, but petrochemicals are part of a wide range of products we use on a daily basis. Deriving from petroleum, products that are made with petrochemicals are essential for our society and quality of living. Petroleum can be used to make many different types of items from rocket fuel to plastics and paints.  

We’ll be taking a look at some of the most popular and commonly used products that are made from petrochemicals below. There may be some that surprise you. 



Ethylene is mostly used to produce different types of films and plastics. It is also found in lubricants for various mechanical parts like industrial valves as well as cleaning agents, including detergent.


Benzene is mostly used in the petrol industry, but it can also be found in nylons which are very useful and broadly involved in the packaging sector. Specific nylon fibres are used to manufacture clothes too.

Medical resins

Petroleum is sometimes a part of important resins that are used in medicine. Some of these resins work to purify drugs and others can create different forms of treatments for serious medical conditions, such as AIDS or cancer.

Medical plastics

As you can probably imagine, the healthcare sector needs a lot of disposable materials that are made from plastics, including gloves, bottles, medical syringes, and much more. Petroleum and petrochemical engineering are important in producing these plastics in a range of shapes and sizes.

Food preservatives

There are many different types of petrochemical products involved in the food industry, mostly in the creation of preservatives. Preservatives extend the shelf life of foods that are stored in tins and bags. Certain ingredients that are found in sweets and food colourings have petrochemical products within them to improve their flavour and taste.


Petrochemicals are often found in daily household products. These include cosmetics, perfumes, makeup products, aftershaves, etc. Shampoos and hair dyes also utilise well-known petrochemical products in various quantities. If you use wax for your hair, it has likely been produced using petroleum derivatives.


A significant number of plants, vegetables, or flowers, need fertilisers to help them grow more quickly and stay healthy. You will usually find that fertilisers and pesticides contain petrochemicals in their ingredient lists.


This might seem quite unusual and unexpected but many household carpets that you can find is manufactured using several petrochemical products. Their purpose is to add colour to the carpet and strengthen the fibres.

Safety glass

Safety (or tempered) glass is designed to be substantially tougher than normal glass as it is often used in large commercial and residential buildings. It is effective in protecting properties from thieves and securing perimeters like pools against small children or pets. This type of glass is made using petrochemicals for that additional strength and durability.

Crayons and marker pens

The crayons you might have seen or used to draw on paper or a magnetic board contain petrochemical substances. It is these substances that add colour and ink that is resistant to UV rays. This is applicable to all kinds of crayons and markers, whether they are the ones that kids use for drawing pictures, or the ones engineers have in meeting rooms.

Our petroleum engineering and petrochemical services

These are just a few examples of petrochemical products you have probably encountered at some in your daily life. Petroleum is an incredibly valuable resource, and it is important that it’s used carefully and responsibly. If your business works in the petrochemical industry but you feel your operations could be more efficient, our petrochemical consultants can help.

With our experienced and professional guidance, you can maintain safety, productivity, and efficiency in your plant whilst minimising your spend and taking better control of your budget.

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