What is a thermographic survey?

There are many safety procedures and checks that should be part of your routine maintenance when you work in manufacturing and have extensive working equipment. One example of this is a thermographic survey. Catching a problem early using this type of investigation could not only save you downtime, but also time and money as well as protecting the overall safety of the building and occupants. Read on to learn what exactly a thermographic survey is and how it can benefit you. 

Thermographic survey definition 

In industrial applications, a qualified electrical engineering services company will carry out a thermographic survey on electrical installations to monitor for abnormally high temperatures. Thermographic cameras can detect variations in temperature as warm objects will stand out on a thermal image against a cold background. Areas with a lot of heat will come up in yellow and cool parts will be in blue. 

The infrared radiation levels being emitted increase alongside the temperature, which thermal imaging can see. A thermographic survey is the most accurate way to identify electrical problems within a building structure. If you see a bright yellow spot on the thermal image, you’ll know that it’s somewhere that needs attention. The survey is most useful in large scale systems that can’t be shutdown, which can be in any industry. 

What causes abnormal temperature increases? 

There are a number of factors that can cause unusual temperature increases in an electrical system including faulty equipment, loose connections, overloaded sockets, or simply wear over time. They act as a warning indicator that the system is about to fail as each of these causes will create a spike in temperature. If you see a hot spot like this on a thermographic survey it definitely shouldn’t be ignored. 

During the survey, your engineering consultant can check any equipment that you’re concerned about or that can’t be isolated. Some examples of common pieces of equipment that a thermographic survey looks at are main distribution boards, consumer and mains units, control panels, LV transformers, motors, and integrated wiring systems. 

Why get a thermographic survey? 

If you make a thermographic survey a part of your regular maintenance plan in your facility, you can ensure your electrical system is always performing at its best. When these types of systems aren’t checked regularly it doesn’t take long for a small issue and a bit of overheating to become a serious headache. Also, the better care you take of your electrics the longer they will last, which will benefit your operational costs. 

Another way having regular thermographic surveys will save you money is in your energy costs. If your electrical system is overheating, your carbon footprint and the amount you’re spending will be creeping up too without your knowledge, and your operations will become less and less efficient before the system eventually breaks down. 


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