What are the benefits of an industrial energy survey?

What are the benefits of an industrial energy survey? 

As the world becomes more energy-conscious, understanding where your energy is being used in your business operations, and identifying key areas where your energy efficiency could be improved is extremely important. It’s easy to think and assume that your business is energy compliant and as efficient as it possibly can be. But without an in-depth energy survey from experienced professionals like FESS Group’s team of factory consultants, you can’t be completely sure. 

It could be that you’re missing a key detail that would take your energy efficiency to the next level. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide explaining the key benefits of energy surveys for businesses. So, you can get a better insight into the true value of an energy survey and how it can positively impact your business operations in the short and long term. 

Firstly, what does an energy survey entail? 

An energy survey is designed to identify all the areas within an organisation that you can become more compliant, sustainable, efficient, and cost effective with your energy. It will highlight implementable changes you can make that will directly reduce your energy consumption and costs. The survey can look at and collect data on many different parts of your operations including but not limited to: 

  • Water tariff review 
  • Business consumption analysis 
  • Gas and electricity tariff reviews 
  • Identifying energy use and performance 
  • In-depth analysis of specific energy systems e.g., fans, pumps, compressed air and steam and more 


Benefits of an energy survey 

Improve the energy efficiency of your business 

It’s an obvious benefit but it’s still worth mentioning that getting an energy survey will give you the opportunity to improve your energy efficiency. Every business and every industry are different and what might be applicable to one business might not for another.  

A professionally carried out survey will be tailored to the needs of your specific business and manufacturing operations. It might identify things like swapping your lighting out for energy efficient alternatives or finding ways to reduce your energy consumption in certain areas of your facility. 

It’s no longer just an option for businesses across the world to become more energy efficient, it’s a necessity. Reducing carbon emissions across all industries is a key priority and by getting on top of it now, it will help your business moving forward. 

Reduce costs and waste 

When it comes to energy usage, the more you use, the more money you spend – and some of it might be going to waste. Conducting an energy survey can pinpoint any areas where your business is using too much energy needlessly. Lessening your consumption will prevent needless waste and provide you with significant savings to optimise your process efficiency. 

Also, it’s worth noting that there could be grants and rebates available that will benefit your business and its energy consumption. A good example of this is the Carbon Trust. The offer up to £10,000 to small and medium-sized businesses to enable them to purchase effective energy saving equipment. An energy survey could help reveal a financial benefit that you’re eligible for. Saving you more money and making it more accessible to everyone to become more energy efficient. 

Stay compliant and avoid fines 

By having an energy survey and reporting on your Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), Display Energy Certificate (DECs), greenhouse gas emissions, carbon reduction commitments, ESOS implementation, and more, you can save time and money in making sure your business is fully transparent and committed to ongoing compliance. 

The recently introduced mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a detailed review and assessment of how much energy UK businesses consume. With several new rules and regulations in place regarding energy consumption, it’s easy for businesses to fall into a trap of not complying with the new rules and facing a fine. In fact, more than 45,000 large businesses in the UK could be facing hefty fines if they don’t have an energy survey and actively work to improve their efficiency as much as possible. 

Reduce pollution and environmental damage 

The overall goal of the new laws and regulations being introduced is to help reduce the damage being done to the environment across all industries. By better using energy for different activities, businesses won’t need to rely on energy import and pressure on energy resources will be reduced. Climate change and global warming effects everyone in all industries. So, in the long run minimising pollution and becoming more environmentally friendly will benefit your business in the long term as well as the natural world we all live in. 

Boost the reputation of your business 

By using an energy survey to improve your operational practices, you can promote yourself as a ‘green’ business focused on efficiency. Research has shown that consumers and companies want to work with businesses that take environmental issues seriously. Businesses that make an effort to improve their energy efficiency and work on their image as a responsible organisation. This will help you be more successful in generating new business and moving forward with a positive reputation and image. 


Having an energy survey done on your business can be beneficial in a wide range of ways as you can see from the examples above. If you want an energy survey our team can help. FESS group are specialists in helping businesses become more cost-effective and energy efficient. Our factory setup consultants can support you in implementing the changes highlighted in the survey and helping your business get to where it needs to be. Book a free site survey through our website today to get started. 


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