The importance of regular maintenance for industrial machinery and electrical systems

It can often be difficult to visualise efficiency when it comes to machinery and electrical systems. However, businesses that utilise machinery must make sure these assets are functioning efficiently to achieve maximum output. On the other hand, failure to put proper maintenance strategies in place for machinery and electrical systems could compromise business growth. In this post, we delve into why these measures are so important for manufacturing and engineering businesses.


Types of industrial maintenance

There are many different approaches to industrial facilities maintenance, each of which can be used by business owners to execute an effective strategy. The notable types of industrial maintenance include:

  • Preventative maintenance (PM) – designed to recognise potential equipment failures before they happen. Measures for preventative maintenance will be chosen specifically to reduce the risk of breakdown in a certain piece of machinery.
  • Predictive maintenance – monitors machinery and electrical systems while they are in use. This approach can therefore identify systems that could be on the verge of failing and provide solutions to avoid that eventuality.
  • Condition-based maintenance – allocating certain measures based on the current condition of the machinery in question. For instance, the amount of power being transferred between a solar panel and the storage system has fallen below the target.
  • Corrective maintenance – reactionary maintenance to restore a system or piece of machinery after it has failed. This type of maintenance can still be planned by sourcing the necessary tools to complete the repair works and keeping them nearby.

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Why maintenance for industrial machinery and electrical systems is important

As our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers will tell you, regular maintenance of industrial facilities is crucial for operational efficiency. Breakdowns can not only delay orders and lead to unhappy customers, but a lack of machinery maintenance can result in rising operational costs that threaten profitability. This is true for a number of reasons.

Buying and installing machinery and electrical systems are among the biggest costs you will encounter. As such, prolonging the lifespan of these assets is critical to generate revenue that outweighs their cost. While there are also costs associated with maintenance itself, such as assigning an engineer to conduct checks or outsourcing, these are far outweighed by the potential damage caused by a breakdown. Over time, this thereby guarantees that machinery purchases generate a return on investment (ROI).

Poorly maintained machinery and electricals can create health and safety issues. This includes fires, electric shocks, physical injury, and explosions in some cases. Maintenance measures can go as far back as factory layout design to help make sure the factory floor is safe. Oftentimes, businesses will have to be compliant with health and safety standards of their industry, and maintenance work ensures this is always the case.

Maintenance efforts can be effective at checking whether individual systems within a facility are functioning as they should. For example, a piece of machinery that’s overheating is likely to be inefficient and at risk of breakdown. Executing maintenance work therefore help reduce waste and keep output levels steady.

Oftentimes, machinery that isn’t functioning efficiently uses more energy and produces more waste products. These typically manifest as emissions that in turn cause your facility’s sustainability to drop. This could have implications for your commercial lease or business reputation. On the other hand, operating an environmentally facility can be leveraged to appeal to new clients.

Expert industrial consultancy services

The FESS Group offer site surveys to identify where maintenance efforts should be directed within a facility to have the biggest effect. Of course, it’s important that maintenance is conducted on all machinery and electrical systems. Being a member of the Institution of Occupational Safety and health (IOSH), we are acutely aware of how industrial maintenance can impact various areas of your business. Contact us today to discuss how we can fulfil your need for a mechanical maintenance company.

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