The importance of M&E services for factory efficiency

Running a factory efficiently and maintaining that efficiency over time is a challenge that most manufacturers will face during their business’s lifespan. To this end, there are a range of services dedicated to ensuring the efficiency of various areas within the factory. In this post, we’ll be covering why mechanical and electrical services are especially valuable for high levels of factory efficiency. 


Why factory efficiency matters 

It seems obvious but at the heart of any manufacturing business is a factory or facility that’s responsible for creating its products. This is true whether the factory is designed for food production, pharmaceuticals, or another high demand industry. Factory efficiency is made up of a number of different smaller efficiencies usually based on production processes. However, it may also concern the general functionality of features such as appliances, electricity supply, and the equipment used to conduct checks on factory machinery. All of these contribute to the number of products that can be created by the factory in a given time. If factory efficiency drops, it could lead to subsequent drops in output, revenue, product quality, greater health and safety risks, or a combination of all the above. 

How M&E services support factory efficiency 

The Mechanical and Electrical services offered by industry experts such as FESS Group consist of a range of works that can be completed in factories. This includes: 

  • Fabricating metalwork designs. 
  • Welding. 
  • On-site mechanical engineering services. 
  • A range of testing services. 
  • Machine servicing. 
  • System installation. 
  • Thermographic surveys. 

Each of these services can be adapted to meet the needs of your business and ensure factory efficiency in the following ways. 

It’s expected for factories to use far more water, gas, and electricity than other commercial buildings. However, factories can become inefficient when they end up consuming more than they should. M&E services will constantly monitor the energy use of the entire building, isolating areas that are below expected efficiency levels. 

The worst thing that can happen for a manufacturing business is when the factory, its primary means of manufacture, experiences a major unforeseen breakdown such as machinery failure. This can have significant knock-on effects on the ability of the business to function, especially if the breakdown affects a core part of the process. Most M&E services will perform preventative maintenance checks and take measures to ensure the risk of an unforeseen breakdown is minimised. This in turn helps the factory maintain its current efficiency levels. 

Mechanical and electrical services allow manufacturers to have full control the assets that populate their factory over the course of that asset’s entire lifetime. For instance, a piece of machinery can be installed and then checked and maintained periodically as it’s being used in the factory. 

Mechanical and Electrical services for factories 

FESS Group has been helping manufacturers achieve consistent efficiency in their factory processes for years. Contact us to arrange a free site survey with a factory layout consultant. This will allow one of our experienced contractors to establish the exact areas that are contributing to your factory efficiency. 

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