Steri-Fess Hand Sanitiser Unit for Businesses

Protect your customers and employees with the Steri- Fess anti-virus entry system.

We understand the health and safety of those who enter your business is the upmost importance. Our range of hand sanitiser stations will ensure that your staff and customers can help keep their hands as germ-free as possible while in your premises.

Seri-Fess sanitising entry systems provide you, your staff, visitors and customers with piece of mind, reassurance and confidence.

The compact Steri-Fess hand sanitising unit is a flexible solution suitable for a wide range of high footfall settings including factories, schools, offices, hospitality and entertainment venues or building sites.

The automatic sensor activated, touch free Steri-Fess sanitiser reduces the risk of cross-contamination and can either be wall or pedestal mounted and connected to door entry systems or turnstiles.

Fitted with an internal reservoir to minimize space, a separate reservoir cabinet can increase the capacity to up to 25,000 dispenses between refills for higher footfall areas.

Work smarter: Built in WIFI communications is also available at a small additional cost for email alerts to indicate low sanitiser and empty status.

All the Sanitisers, together with a separate sanitiser cabinet can manage 25,000 dispenses before they need replacement sanitiser.

The wall or pedestal mounted sentry with an internal sanitiser reservoir can manage 2,500 dispenses at a rate of 30 dispenses per minute

As a guide 2.5ltrs of sanitiser = 2,500 dispenses

25l of sanitiser = 25,000 dispenses

Steri-Fess Hand Sanitising Unit

The Steri-Fess Hand Sanitising Unit is suitable for:

  • Schools, universities, colleges, libraries
  • Factories, warehouses, offices
  • Shopping centres, retail parks
  • Building sites, construction areas
  • Cinemas, restaurants, bars, bowling alleys, theatres
  • Train stations, bus terminals

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