Detection and Inspection in food manufacturing

Food safety standards have been at the forefront of the press in recent years, from food labelling allergy deaths to contaminated food products, and in the midst of a global pandemic, it’s evident food handling and safety are more important than ever. Our extensive knowledge and experience in metal detection and inspection systems offer the ultimate solution to help protect you, your customers and safeguard your brand.

When foods do become contaminated, metal is one of the most commonly found contaminants. Although some metals occur naturally in food through water and soil, metal can be introduced at any stage of food production through machinery and handling equipment.

Human decisions in identifying food contamination can be inconsistent, inaccurate, and slow, and with an estimated 500,000 labour shortages across the food and drink sector the manpower that would be required for such high-level inspection is limited and costly. Machine detection systems can not only scan the food entirely, detecting components and improving food traceability, but more advanced systems can conduct bulk quality checks and advance label accuracy.

The Benefits of Metal Detectors

The most common method for food metal inspection is using metal detectors. These can be implemented throughout the food production line and detect a range of metallic contaminants. They can be implemented at the end of the line for final product inspection, but also before processing machinery to prevent damage to the equipment. X-ray inspection and machine vision equipment are now being introduced to offer enhanced detection capabilities.

Not only from a public health perspective but from a business perspective effective food inspection helps majorly reduce necessary waste. WRAP reported 3.6 million tonnes of waste is generated by the food and drink manufacturing sector, costing an estimated £1.2 billion, by optimising product inspection across the production line, business can prevent contamination and the need for recalls as well as lower costs.

Machine inspection centric product lines are essential if manufacturers are to meet the ever-tightening food safety laws, whilst keeping costs low and working towards sustainability targets.

FESS Inspection and Detection Support

FESS Group have established excellent relationships with some of the leading manufacturers in this sector and have developed metal inspection systems and processes for a large range of food manufacturers.

From a simple one-off to a fully automated inspection system with controls, including full project management, we have the expertise to provide tailor-made solutions from concept through to commissioning.

Our experience covers a wide range of industries including, red meat, fish, poultry, pet food, convenience, dairy, bakery, fruit and vegetable sectors, snack and confectionery.

We offer a fully comprehensive range of inspection systems and metal detectors as well as accessories and components including:

  • Combination X-ray and check-weighing system
  • X- RAY
  • Metal detector
  • Check-weighing system
  • Manual reject
  • Automatic reject
  • Rework solutions
  • Management information
  • QA system support

We can provide the required solution, along with full technical support on product selection.

Our knowledge and experience in equipment for inspection systems allow us to provide the perfect solution for all your needs with an outstanding aftercare service to protect your investment.

For more information on our inspection systems and metal detectors, and to discuss how we can support you and your food manufacturing business, please get in touch.

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