Innovations in industrial mechanical & electrical services

Mechanical and electrical contractors are essential to the creation and maintaining of industrial facilities in a range of industries. This has been the case for decades, with M and E contractors embracing new technologies to expand the services they can offer to industrial clients. This post lists the recent innovations made, at the time of writing, that see use in mechanical and electrical support services.


What’s included in mechanical and electrical services?

The list of areas covered by industrial M and E services is extensive and constantly growing. However, here is a rough breakdown:

  • Metal fabrication.
  • Machine maintenance and servicing.
  • On-site engineering support.
  • Installation works for electrical systems.
  • Thermal lagging and surveys.
  • Testing of systems.

Mechanical and electrical services innovations

The scope of industrial services, especially mechanical and electrical services, is constantly expanding as new technologies appear. At the time of writing, these are some of the most significant innovations for mechanical and electrical services made in the last few years.

Contractors can use ‘building information modelling’ (BIM) to create detailed digital versions of a facility. This allows M and E contactors to more accurately plan construction, installation, and maintenance works. In the same vein, the development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) software have also aided in areas such as factory layout design.

There continues to be a trend toward systems that reduce energy use, waste, and the facility’s carbon footprint. This is a way for companies to make their operations more efficient and save on costs in the long term through upgrading infrastructure.

Systems are becoming more connected, both to each other and to the internet. This has allowed contractors to check key information such as energy use, heat production, pressure levels, and vibrations. In addition, the sensors and control panels that can be installed are able to provide more detailed data. A strategy can often then be devised without the contractor having to go to site first.

Robotics are seeing increased use in both construction and maintenance activities in industrial facilities, with M and E contractors becoming more familiar with their installation and upkeep. Process automation has allowed for the streamlining of key processes as well as making improvements to safety.

Sometimes called predictive maintenance, this includes steps to recognise inefficiencies and other problems before they cause unexpected failure. Here, the use of thermal imaging has been instrumental in maintaining machinery without sacrificing production capacity.

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