How FESS can help with factory layout design

At FESS, we understand that your factory is the beating heart of your business. It needs to function efficiently for you to get the most out this asset, which means the factory floor space has to be utilised to its fullest. The best way to ensure this is to implement a carefully planned factory layout design that’s unique to the business’s production needs. Learn how FESS Group can help businesses in a range of different industries with factory layout design services.

Why is factory layout important? 

Every factory only has so much interior space that can be used to house equipment, machinery, and workers to facilitate key manufacturing processes. Allocating appropriate space within a factory allows the facility to run efficiently. Furthermore, tailoring the layout to fit the process requirements helps ensure that information and materials are passed throughout the system. Both of these are hugely important, as good factory layout design contributes to a reduction in production time and waste. The latter can include materials, energy, as well as more subtle waste such as the distance someone has to walk to complete their factory duties.

A factory layout design can be adapted at any point in a business’s lifecycle to rearrange how machines, equipment, and departments are positioned. This can be necessary when the business in question makes changes to its production process. An updated factory design layout will ensure that the factory continues to run efficiently after these changes have been implemented.

FESS Group’s factory layout design services 

The FESS team possess extensive knowledge around factory layout and the benefits it can have for manufacturing businesses in a variety of industries. We’ll help you design a detailed floor plan that ensures the entire structure of the factory is intended to support your business processes. Our factory layout services also consider what design choices will lead to the best outcome from an organisational standpoint, therefore helping the entire factory function more efficiently on an ongoing basis.

Our project management services provide ongoing support so you can monitor how successful your factory layout design has been in meeting your business goals. Oftentimes, it isn’t clear exactly how a new layout will work in practice. Our team works to both minimise the likelihood of problems occurring, whilst also rectifying any that do arise as a result of a new factory layout design. With us you’ll be assigned a factory layout consultant to offer tailored design advice where necessary.


Experts in factory consultancy and engineering

As experienced factory design consultants, we work to standards set by the Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) and Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). This allows us to adhere to all relevant health and safety requirements when designing factory layouts for industries such as food and drink production. Our team uses this experience to provide bespoke factory layout designs that are crafted to facilitate the efficient operation of your factory. Contact us to arrange a site survey to enable us to devise a layout that will overcome your challenges.

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