The benefits of conveyor systems in manufacturing

Adding a conveyor system to your manufacturing production line can revolutionize your processes. A conveyor is a piece of machine handling equipment that can move a variety of goods from one location of a building to another. They are extremely useful for the transportation of heavy goods, mass produced products and raw materials.

Once designed for helping to load trucks and ships, conveyors are now integral parts of production across a wide range of industries from transport to agriculture to food.

Here at Fess Group our conveyor solution team have designed and installed across a wide variety of sectors from diary to meat, fish and ready meals.

There are a number of key benefits of an effective conveyor system to help improve your food processing operations.

How conveyors can improve your food processing operations:

Whether a simple one-off conveyor module or a fully automated handling system, the right conveyor for your business offers a whole host of benefits for your production line including:

  • Increased efficiency:

By decreasing the time it takes to transport goods from one area of a factory to another, conveyors help to speed up the whole production line, increasing productivity and in turn output. Materials can move across different levels quickly and eliminate the need for manual loading and unloading.

  • Minimise manual labour:

Using conveyors to transport goods means fewer employees are needed. Before conveyors transporting materials was labour intensive, strenuous, and slow leading to high employment costs. Fewer staff means less money spent on recruitment, training and wages.

  • Improve food safety:

Certain conveyors must be used for the food industry to meet regulations. When it comes handling food products it is essential the equipment is sanitary and easy to clean. Conveyers are now specially designed to keep food products dust and contaminate free until they reach their final destination. All conveyers supplied by FESS are food safe, whether that be a slat or belt conveyor.

  • Reduce accidents:

When a conveyor is installed they help improve factory safety. It means employees no longer have to bear heavy loads decreasing the risk of accident and injury. Less handling of the goods also helps to reduce damage and loss.

Introducing the FESS Group conveyor division 

From the design and manufacture of single conveyors through to complete turnkey materials handling systems including full project management, here at FESS Group, we have the expertise to provide tailor-made solutions from concept through to commissioning.

We offer a fully comprehensive range of conveyors, as well as accessories and components including:

  • Slat Conveyor
  • Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Powered Belt Conveyor
  • Roller Conveyor
  • Bespoke Conveyors

For more information on our Conveyor solutions and to discuss how we can support you and your food manufacturing business, please get in touch.

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