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Food factory consultants can assist firms with maintaining their premises. They can also engineer longevity into the plant from the outset, reducing the level of service required. Contact us to learn more.

Food factory plant design consultants

Food processing plant design consultants can help you improve your plant’s energy efficiency, increase your rate of production, reduce lead times, and achieve 100 percent food safety compliance. However, they are also essential when you want to expand your operations.

If you are planning a new food factory or want to extend or improve an existing one, food factory design consultants can help. They assist with layout, technology, equipment, and even packaging to help streamline your operations and deliver the highest return on capital possible.

Industries we can help with

Pet Food

Setting up a pet food production line is similar to a human food production line. However, as you might expect, there are some differences.

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Pharmaceutical engineering and plant design consultants help you expand pharmaceutical production lines in factories more efficiently and effectively. Their work includes regulatory compliance, validation, and implementing logistics services for maintenance and systems management. Most consultants assist firms from the initial concept stage onwards, guiding them through every step of the plan.

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Using an outside consultant for your petrochemical engineering projects can help you to maintain safety, efficiency and productivity like never before, all while minimising your spend and controlling your budget for your petrochemical plant construction.

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In this post, we take a look at some of the considerations you’ll need to make if you are planning an expansion. Here’s what you need to think about:


Food factories process vastly different volumes. Large bottling plants, for instance, can produce millions of units per day, while smaller, niche product suppliers might only churn out hundreds.

A food factory consultant will always ask you about your volumes before setting up a new plant or extending an existing one. They then use this information to suggest floor size, the type of equipment that you will use, and the best contractors for the job.

Forward-thinking consultants will also talk to you about your likely medium- and long-term equipment requirements. While a small-scale operation might be sufficient today, it might not be enough in the future.


Food safety is of paramount concern, both in terms of reputation and compliance risk. Operators need to put high hygiene standards in place from the start, designing them into the fabric of their buildings.

If you are handling meat, meat processing consultants can show you how to do this safely. You may require specific plant and machinery, as well as enhanced factory layouts, to prevent the spread of disease.

Budgeting and feasibility

Food factory consultants can also tell you whether your plans are feasible, based on your estimated costs and revenues. Tell them the competitive price for your product and they will calculate the likely per-unit cost once you reach certain volumes. For instance, a new beverage might not be profitable at £2 per unit but may allow you to break even at £3 per unit at a volume of 20,000 per month.

Construction management

Building a food factory requires extensive expertise. Contractors must understand both factory planning and the niche requirements of food businesses.

Consultants help here, too, by liaising with contractors with the skills necessary to complete adequate facilities. They work with you during the design and planning phase, all the way through to project completion. Many pre-qualify trusted contractors and select them specifically for the customer, depending on their prior experience and level of expertise.


Lastly, food factories can depreciate rapidly because of the high throughput and the nature of food ingredients. Therefore, it’s essential to put a depreciation mitigation plan in place ahead of construction or extension.

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