Machinery installation: Cooking machinery upgrade

The food industry is constantly developing with food and drink manufacturers continually responding to ongoing product demands and trends. We were approached by innovative, Malton based food manufacturer, The Tofoo Co. to provide a quote to carry out the complete installation, containment, and commissioning of a new cooking vessel. Our Yorkshire based Mechanical and Electrical engineers were successfully awarded the contract to carry out the works.
machinery installation
machinery installation


The aim of the new machinery was to increase product production by 30%. It had to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption to service. The installation also involved working on a live site during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our skilled and experienced team compiled all the required health and safety policy documentation, including RAMs and certifications, ensuring client piece of mind. We set to work on site with appropriate PPE by the end of the week.


The electrical containment was done using unistrut frames and fitted with galvanized tray work. We used a rubberized flexible cable, for all of the containment calculating length by Trimble software to reduce any wastage. The stainless containment used for the product transfer pipes were purge welded and the steam line was assembled using carbon steel and lagged. The new cooking vessel will increase through put by 33%, a huge impact on a growing business with increasing demands for their product.
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