Going Green: Carbon footprint reduction

With the truth behind climate change and our environment in the public domain, it is our shared responsibility to improve sustainability throughout aspects of our lives. The workplace is a great place to start. This goal can be achieved through updating and improving our existing systems and equipment.
going green
going green


We were asked as part of a factory improvement and Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) validation to upgrade a client’s boiler. Before purchasing new equipment, we had to understand why their existing boiler was inefficient. With this understanding, we searched the market for a boiler that was the most appropriate for the client’s needs. We also prioritised the client’s energy efficiency to improve their overall site sustainability.


With any project, it’s important to get all the right people around the table at the same time. Through collaboration with the client, we achieved excellent results. With a view to expand the business, the client purchased a bigger boiler with enhanced BG-03 functions. The boiler also ensured the NOX emissions were very minimal; equivalent to 180 tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere, compared to thousands previously. We introduced a reverse osmosis within the system which reduced the total dissolvable solids within the boiler to a minimum; thus saving on the burner to heat up “dirty water”.
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