Decommissioning assets: Relocation of machinery

Decommissioning assets is a huge task. It requires precision planning to ensure all parts are maintained without damage and transferred securely. Thorough risk assessments are involved to ensure the process is as safe as possible due to the high-risk nature of the operation. Using our expertise, we can take full responsibility of your site that requires full or part decommissioning of assets.


We were asked by a client to assist in the decommissioning of their assets from their site in Norwich, and relocate them to a site in North Yorkshire. This was a complex process. The client provided a detailed plan of which assets were to be decommissioned and their exact location once moved to the new site. From concept and design, we carried out all the works under our knowledge to ensure a seamless decommissioning process. This was an exciting job for us that brought people and processes together.


Sam Sheffield of the Norwich factory stated: “David and the group of engineers he had on site were excellent. They all worked professionally and methodically during the duration of the project. We were in safe hands from the beginning and we knew the project would be pulled off from start to finish. We are grateful for them to be part of the project and would work them again moving forward”.
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